We manufacture our suite of secondary glazing panes from extruded He9TF alloy to BS 1474. These extruded architectural aluminium sections are cut and assembled around glass panes to form screens which are then fitted onto, or just inside, existing (primary) glazed screens to form the secondary glazing system. The aluminium, as standard, is finished in a white powder coat. There are options of an anodised finish or any RAL colour powder coating.

Our secondary glazing panes are generally a cheaper and less disruptive option to changing a properties primary glazing. Being discreet, especially viewed from the outside, they are particularly suited to listed buildings or similar applications where maintaining the look of the outer facade is important.


Noise insulation is a very important feature of our secondary glazing panes. Introducing a ‘decent’ air space and another pane of glass to a screen serves to efficiently reduce sound transfer. We offer different glass types and thicknesses to further improve noise insulation. Different wave lengths of sound are ‘interrupted’ by different glass thicknesses. Using a different glass thickness to the primary glazing screen helps improve perceived noise reduction. We also offer laminated glass which has superior sound insulation properties, further we have specifically engineered acoustic laminates.

By forming an air pocket between our secondary glazing and the primary, there is generally significant thermal insulation gained. We offer glass options to better insulate heat. Low emissivity glasses such as Pilkington K are examples which help control the temperature of the air in the cavity and so aid the thermal insulation gained from the secondary glazing.

Coupled to insulation properties, our secondary glazing systems offer excellent draft proofing. They are also act as a barrier so offer an extra level of security to an aperture. By reducing drafts and better insulating, our secondary glazing can also help with condensation problems. Making a screen relatively warmer can reduce the amount of condensation that forms on it.

We offer our secondary glazing in many styles. The simplest being the fixed and the lift out style. These can be used in combination or alone and are generally the most cost effective styles. Our horizontal sliding style consists of two or more panels sliding within a twin track. They incorporate nylon skids or ball raced stainless steel rollers for easy opening action. Like our vertical sliding styles these have a double seal system with twin Polypropylene Weather pile. Our secondary vertical slider or box secondary style has two basic operation options. All vertical sliders have two glazed panes sliding up and down, with the movement being controlled by either latches (our Guillotine system) or spiral balances. To complete our styles we have a simple hinged system with casement turnbuckles and a heavy duty vertical sliding ’tilt to clean’ style.

We can facilitate many different installation options. As standard we offer our secondary glazing panes with ‘odd leg’ outer frames. These can be either ‘face fix’ for more direct fixing applications or ‘reverse fix’ which are designed for reveal mounting. For more strength, especially on larger panes, we offer an ‘equal leg’ outer frame option.

Our secondary glazing suite can be easily adapted to serve as a fly screen. We replace the glass panes of a secondary with a fine mesh screen which allows air flow but restricts unwanted insects from access. These have been utilised in both residential and especially commercial applications where hygiene is important.

Aluminium Secondary Downloads:

1381360516_pdf U Values Data Sheet Data sheet providing U Values information for our Secondary Double Glazing Systems, available to download. Please click the pdf picture

 1381360516_pdfSecondary Dimensions Data sheet showing dimensions of our basic secondary sections, available for download. Please click the pdf picture

1381360516_pdfCross-Section Data Sheet Cross-sectional illustration of  the sections making up our various secondary style, available for download. Please click pdf picture