We fabricate Unplasticised poly vinyl chloride – UPVC extruded sections to create frames for the construction trades. Since 1991 we have partnered with Synseal and used their Shield profiles as our preferred extrusion. Synseal have become one of the most successful profile producers in the UK since being established in 1980. Choosing their Shield extrusions provides us and our clients with un-rivalled support, excellent quality products and continuity throughout an ever increasing range of products.

Synseal Shield offers us a substantial 70mm thick frame section with a clean bevelled finish. We favour this because we believe its straight lined chamfered design provide the closest ‘look-a-like’ finished product when compared to more traditional existing frames (commonly timber). The Shield suite does offer other curved (Ovolo or Scotia) lines should clients desire these.


Our preferred glazing option is the externally beaded style. There has long been arguments in our trade about internal and external beading and respective security. Internally beading was the latter to be introduced and was sold as a more secure system – the perception being that if a pane is glazed from the inside, one needs to access the inside to deglaze it. However, wise modern thinking shows that there is actually little between the two glazing styles regarding their security levels as an externally bead cannot be removed (without being destroyed) unless the gaskets are removed from the inside. Our reasons for having a preference for external beading lie in the physical structure and appearance of the finished products that one gains from having external beads and the associated mechanical construction. That said, we do also offer internal beads as an option – installers seems to favour these purely for their relative ease of installation.

Our UPVC sash windows incorporate high security shoot bolt systems and key locking handles (in a variety of colours). Our UPVC doors utilise the most modern and secure multi-point deadlocks. For added security and strength, we custom fabricate with Galvanised Steel internal reinforcement.

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The Shield extrusions offer multi chamber outer frames, helping us achieve the converted ‘A’ Energy Rating (using different glazing specifications we can also offer a ‘C’ Energy Rating). The outer wall of all our UPVC is a solid 3mm which adds to the products durability and strength. Available as standard is the high glass white finish, along with Rosewood, Mahogany and Oak looks – all woodgrain finishes are also offered as ‘woodgrain on white’. Our frames have a colour fast guarantee.

Apart from allowing us to offer great quality products, being associated with a mature product like Synseal Shield provides us with a suite of products that are completely interchangeable and complimentary. We have offered the Shield roof system since 2001. Our clients particularly like our Shield in-line patio.

Our UPVC products offer very affordable solutions which are stylish, hard wearing, easy to maintain energy efficient.

Shield UPVC Downloads:

1381360516_pdfProfile Care Guide Brochure providing clear guidance on maintaining the profile, available to download. Please click pdf picture

1381360516_pdfProfile Wall Chart Providing data on all Shield Profile sections, available to download. Please click pdf picture

1381360516_pdf  Shield Brochure More historic retail brochure showing Shield products, available to download. Please click pdf picture.

1381360516_pdfContemporary Shield Brochure A more contemporary brochure showcasing Shield products, available to download. Please click pdf picture